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Updated new taxes on mobile phones introduced by the government

When the National Assembly approved the 2022 finance bill, the federal government imposed a levy on mobile phones that Pakistanis will import during the 2022-2023 fiscal year. The iPhone is already an expensive phone in Pakistan. Now the iPhone has become more expensive due to an import tax imposed by the federal government in June 2022.

The government has now almost doubled taxes on mobile phone imports. Because of this government action, the iPhone became more expensive. The tax has increased so much that the cost of a simple iPhone 14 is more than the iPhone 13 Pro Max released last year with double the storage.

According to the new pricing, the price of the 128GB iPhone 14 is Rs 419,999, while the base iPhone 14 Plus should be Rs 459,999. 14 Pro Max, you will have to pay a whopping Rs 529,999.

Although the rates we told you are commercial rates that are always more than the total cost of the phone plus import taxes. These rates are effective from August 2022 and will apply until next year on the same day. As always, the fees are different for imports made through passports and those made through CNIC.

Although, with the latest tariffs, if you import an iPhone 14 on your passport, it will cost you around Rs. 276, 100. The base iPhone is priced at $799, which when converted to Pakistani rupee is Rs. 184,701. These prices show that there is indeed a huge difference in which phone retailers will have to pay to import the latest Apple phones.

Such a big price difference suggests that all new phones in the future, especially flagship phones, will be released by companies like even Samsung with a hefty price tag that most people can’t afford. Samsung’s new foldable phones, for example, will sell for around Rs. 400,000 or more.

Hence, given the updated new taxes imposed by the government, even if a person sells their two kidneys, they cannot afford to buy the latest Apple or Samsung phones. Middle class people will have to rely on Chinese companies as they cannot afford to buy big company phones.

Since our government double taxes on phones, some people illegally buy phones at low prices and then register them for a small fee. That’s why the government should think twice before imposing double taxes on phones, since every action has a reaction. But in the case of the Pakistanis, every action of the government provokes a backlash.

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