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Upcoming iPhones will charge accessories via their screens

At the moment, the concept of charging accessories by placing them on the back of a phone has become quite common. However, Apple is looking to make another impact with its upcoming iPhones, which will basically allow users to charge their accessories through their screens.

It was a patent published on the US Patent and Trademark Office that highlighted the concept of a new reverse wireless charging method. The patent mentions that this feature will be powered by a two-way wireless charger that can reverse charge both the back and the front of the device. This will be achieved through a metal shield that will be covered on all sides of the device from the inside.

Even when the accessory is charged from the front, the screen can still be used. However, it is still unknown if the charging area of ​​the screen will be displayed while charging. This feature will allow users to charge AirPods, Apple Watch and Apple Pencil through both iPhone and iPad.

However, the patent is pending and it is rather unclear if this feature will appear in the next generation of iPhones and iPads.

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