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TikTok – the most downloaded app in the world, Netflix, Google Maps and Spotify – top their categories: Apptopia

TikTok is the world’s most downloaded app, according to a new report, with 656 million downloads in 2021. It is followed by other social media apps such as Instagram and Facebook (now Meta), as well as the instant messaging platforms WhatsApp and Telegram. Meanwhile, when it comes to categorization, Netflix is ​​the most downloaded entertainment app, Shopee tops the list of shopping apps, surpassing Amazon in the top 3, Google Maps is the first in the travel app category, and Spotify is the most preferred music and audio app. worldwide. … The list includes download numbers from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play store.

Last report by Apptopia listed the world’s most downloaded apps and then categorized them as well. Social media apps tops the overall category, with TikTok being the world’s most downloaded app. Instagram (545 million), Facebook (now Meta) (416 million), WhatsApp (395 million), Telegram (329 million) follow the package. Snapchat (327 million), Zoom (300 million) and Spotify (203 million) also made the top 10.

The most downloaded game in 2021 was Subway Surfer (191 million), followed by Rolox (182 million), Bridge Race (169 million), Garena Free Fire (144 million) and Among Us (152 million). PUBG Mobile and Battlegrounds Mobile India didn’t make the top ten. Netflix (173 million), YouTube (166 million), Google Play Games (131 million), Disney + (126 million) and Amazon Prime Video (120 million) were the most downloaded entertainment apps in 2021 by Apptopia.

When it comes to shopping apps, Singapore-based Shopee (203 million) came first, followed by Shane (190 million). India’s Meesho Marketplace (153 million) came in third. Amazon, which was most downloaded shopping app in 2020, was moved to fourth place with 148 million downloads worldwide. However, the app is still popular in the US, according to a report from Apptopia. Flipkart ranks in the top 5 with 93 million downloads.

The list of the most downloaded social media apps is very similar to the general list. However, instead of Telegram, the fifth place in the list of social network applications is occupied by Snapchat with 327 million downloads. McDonald’s was the most downloaded app (116 million) in the food and beverage category. Google Maps (106 million), Uber (94 million) and (63 million) were the most downloaded travel apps in 2021, according to Apptopia.

With the rise in popularity of cryptocurrency this year, the most downloaded apps in 2021 were Binance (64 million), (41 million) and Coinbase (40 million). Likewise, PayPal (106 million), Google Pay (82 million) and PhonePe (79 million) topped the list of money transfer apps. Spotify (203 million), Resso (84 million) and YouTube Music (79 million) lead the way in music and audio applications.

Tinder (67 million), Badoo (35 million) and Bumble (22 million) topped the list of the most downloaded dating apps. Because of Covid-19, work from home was prioritized in 2021, so people used business apps to communicate with each other. Zoom (300 million) came first in the rankings, followed by Google Meet (192 million), WhatsApp Business (143 million) and Microsoft Teams (141 million).

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