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Three apps that allow financial well-being for everyone

Ask Tanya Van Court, CEO and founder of the Goalsetter Family and Children’s Savings Application, about the challenge of gaining financial literacy in America, and talk about learning a foreign language. A Stanford engineering graduate and daughter of an Oakland, California, elementary school teacher, Van Court believes that without the basics of financial literacy, today’s kids can’t learn the tools they need to fill the gap in wealth and finally succeed in their future.

“The financial language is a foreign language, and the more we treat it by certain populations, the more they are outside certain circles and are destined for economic extinction,” says Van Court. “To dispel this, Goalsetter teaches the language in a fun and relevant way, so that we can create circles that every child in America can be on the inside when they grow up ”.

Van Court is just one of a handful of developers and founders whose apps in the App Store pave the way for generations of historically disadvantaged people, including Black and Brown children and their families, college-related young adults. and women, to ensure their financial freedom. From Goalsetter to Perch Credit, the credit creation app that turns 21st century spending into credit data points, to Ellevest, a financial app designed for women by women, generations of Americans are taking their financial journeys in his hands – literally.

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