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This is why I think BTS Z Flip 3 will be Dynamite

OPINION: On October 20, Samsung hosted the Unpacked Part 2 event, featuring the Bespoke Edition specials. Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Watch 4but when credits were credited at the end of the live stream, one device was rumored to be missing – the BTS Z Flip 3.

I admit, I feel like a bit of a bait for Samsung.

Last week, the company shared the above tweet with the tags “# GalaxyZFlip3”, “#GalaxyxBTS” and “@BTS_twt” and an attached collage that clearly shows that Samsung is collaborating with BTS / Z Flip 3 in some form in a way.

The tweet was related to an invitation to the Unpacked event on October 20 – an event that did not mention the South Korean group.

That is, aside from the split second that K-pop star Suga Over the horizon appeared on the screen when the company showcased its new One UI 4.

Of course, we could say that Samsung never explicitly stated that there would be a BTS version of the Galaxy Z Flip 3, but this tweet got me thinking about what the BTS Flip might look like, and so I hope Samsung is working on it.

Samsung released the Galaxy S20 Plus BTS Edition last summer, and even though I knew very little about BTS, I loved it.

Now, after a year and a half, I’ve officially fallen down the Bangtan rabbit hole and am even more excited about the prospect of BTS Z Flip 3.

What I liked about BTS S20 Plus is that it can appeal to both army fans and non-BTS fans, and it’s something that can be easily replicated with the Galaxy Z Flip 3, a foldable design that the group has already played to promote. big role. …

The S20 Plus BTS Edition comes in an iridescent purple hue. Rather than embellishing it with a group photo, as they could easily have done, the design pays homage to V’s “borahae” line with a small BTS logo at the bottom.

The camera module had a tiny heart icon (which I honestly should have on every phone camera because it’s cute) and the phone came with an exclusive theme that included BTS wallpapers, animations, and app icons.

Samsung recently released animated BTS logos for the regular Z Flip 3 cover screen, which means they are already part of what the software is about.

Now I’m just waiting for Samsung to unveil the rest of the phone so I can look at my bank balance and reflect once and for all on my loyalty to Apple phones.

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