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This is why companies don’t include chargers in your new smartphone.

After Apple announced that it would not ship chargers with the phone you buy, other companies have gradually adopted the same method. This even applies to other electronic products such as headphones, bracelets, watches, etc.

You may have heard the reason why Apple and other companies are striving to reduce e-waste (e-waste). This is somewhat true, but not entirely correct. The big smartphone giants like Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, etc., are working very hard to provide the best quality when it comes to smartphones, but that also means that these companies are focused on making the highest quality chargers for their phones.

As consumers continue to move from one smartphone to the next, they keep collecting chargers until the moment consumers either throw them away or put them in a box filled with other useless things. So Apple noticed this and decided not to include the charger in the smartphone, but to sell it separately. All in all, this is just a big profit for the company, and such a clever strategy even forced other companies to get the same piece of the pie.

While there are first-generation chargers that can be bought very cheaply, smartphone manufacturers expect their users to buy original chargers to prevent consumers from damaging their phones. This is the main reason Apple did not switch to USB Type-C charging port on their phones, as it would force them to release new chargers for their consumers. As such, we can expect Apple’s Lightning port to last for quite some time until the iPhone is completely portless.

What’s more, new extensions are appearing on the market that include USB ports for users to charge their phones.

However, it’s not just about the profits of these tech giants, as many governments and organizations have emphasized the goal of eliminating e-waste, giving tech companies a compelling reason to provide their consumers.

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