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This iPhone 14 Plus unlimited contract is a great deal

The iPhone 14 Plus lets you work with a larger iPhone without paying extra for the Pro model. At this price, you should seriously consider getting one.

Mobile Phones Direct offers iPhone 14 Plus with unlimited 5G data for £45/month. A two-year contract on the Vodafone network requires an advance payment of £39. The phone itself costs £949, so you’re good to go here.

Get an iPhone 14 Plus with unlimited data for just £45/month.

Unlimited data on iPhone 2022, which is the easiest for us to recommend? Not a bad option for £45/month at Mobile Phones Direct.

  • Mobile phones directly
  • Unlimited 5G data
  • £45 per month (+ £39 upfront)

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What’s not to like about this offer that also offers unlimited texts and minutes? The iPhone 14 Plus in question comes with 128GB of storage in midnight black, and free next day shipping is available for your order.

We’re big fans of this phone, especially the extended battery life you get for the bigger model. Despite the increased footprint, it features a lightweight design and fast and reliable operation.

Our reviewer gave the iPhone 14 Plus a near-perfect score of 4.5 out of five, calling it the “easiest to recommend” from the 2022 crop. Think of it like the standard iPhone 14 model, but with the larger screen size that a lot of people have been craving from Apple.

Our editor Max Parker also called it “the best iPhone for battery life by some distance” after the device left it with 40-50% battery life at the end of the day, even with Netflix streaming.

The 6.7-inch display is perfect for watching Netflix and gives you a little more room to play. You’ll also get Apple’s new Emergency SOS via satellite feature, which is ideal if you’re prone to long hikes outside of normal service range.

Max concluded: “I really like the iPhone 14 Plus and it is definitely one of the best iPhones. It’s the only new iPhone that’s a little different, combining the best features of the cheaper iPhone 14 and more expensive Pro models in a tempting offering. While these aren’t the most feature-packed iPhones, the big screen in a lighter package is welcome.”

Please note that the iPhone no longer ships with headphones or chargers in the UK, so if you need them please pick them up before ordering.

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