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This Galaxy Z Flip 4 plan is cheaper than buying the phone directly

Trying to get a foldable phone on the cheap? Then this monthly deal can come in handy as you get a phone plus 200 GB per month for less than the cost without a SIM card.

Usually buying a new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 will set you back £999, but not with this contract. If you take advantage of this great offer, you’ll pay a total of £840 in monthly installments of £35 plus 200GB of data and unlimited calls and texts to use each month. This is a great value proposition for a truly unique phone.

There are many more contracts available this Black Friday weekend. Just browse our blog live for more inspiration as you will find the best Black Friday deals on other smartphones and on a range of different and enticing products.

This offer is especially great because you pay less for your phone than you otherwise would, while still getting 200GB of data per month and unlimited minutes and text messages.

Make the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 yours for just £35/month

You can get a unique Galaxy Z Flip 4 and 200GB of data per month for just £35 per month. No upfront fees, and you’ll also get unlimited minutes and text messages as part of a 24-month contract.

  • buymobiles
  • Without prepayment
  • £35 per month

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When we took the time to review the Galaxy Z Flip 4, it really captivated us and won us over as the most comfortable foldable phone on the market. Its small form factor makes it easy to take it on the go, but despite its size, it has seen some much-needed improvements in terms of battery life.

The camera has also been greatly improved and the software better optimized for its unique shape, and all of these tweaks combine to make it a really interesting device to use overall.

However, if this isn’t quite what you were hoping for, don’t despair. To give you more inspiration, we’ve included a list of some of the very best deals we’ve spotted from Black Friday week below, with deals available for gaming consoles, various smartphones, and several audio products.

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