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There are rumors about the unlikely redesign of the iPhone SE 3

Apple is reportedly working on a third-generation iPhone SE and, according to unlikely rumors, plans to revive the short-lived design.

According to the Chinese website MyDriverswhich I personally have never heard of, the iPhone SE 3 will be based on the 2018 iPhone XR, making it much larger than the current iPhone SE 2 launched last year.

The iPhone XR’s bezel only lasted one generation and was released alongside the iPhone 11. Apple soon dropped it as part of the lineup, and we assumed the slightly chunky design would never be seen or heard again.

However, today’s new rumors (via MacRumors) for the 2022 iPhone SE 3 one could see it, and its 6.1-inch LCD is resurrected. If sketchy rumors come true, it will be a significant increase over the 4.7-inch display, which is such a draw for current SE fans who prefer a smaller display size and access to a Touch ID sensor.

The report says it will be Apple’s last phone with an LCD display before the entire phone lineup switches to OLED.

Given that most rumors to date suggest that the iPhone 8-style bezel will continue with updated internals (likely based on the iPhone 12 or iPhone 13), we’re guessing this is unlikely, but not impossible.

Speaking of Touch ID, rumors say the fingerprint sensor will be built into the power button rather than under the display. This is what we’ve seen on the latest iPads as well.

The site also predicts that an A15 processor, similar to the one currently found in the iPhone 13, will power the iPhone SE 3. The device is rumored to sell in the spring of 2022 for $ 399.

While Apple may well increase its iPhone SE lineup in 2022, we highly doubt they will arrive next year in the form suggested here.

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