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The Xiaomi 12S Ultra concept allows you to install a full-size Leica lens

Xiaomi has released a video of the Xiaomi 12S Ultra concept phone, which combines a premium phone with a full-length Leica lens.

Xiaomi teamed up with German camera specialist Leica back in May and the Xiaomi 12S Ultra became “the first co-developed image flagship smartphone” as a result of the partnership. The Xiaomi 12S Ultra already features a huge 1-inch image sensor and advanced optics, but adding the original Leica M lens to the equation takes things to the next level.

According to a new video published in China weibo social network, Xiaomi has developed a second device along with the Xiaomi 12S Ultra itself. The Xiaomi 12S Ultra concept is very similar to the regular XS Ultra, but has a second 1-inch image sensor that opens straight (and centered) onto the external lens mount system.

The structure of the phone has been strengthened to support these heavy (and expensive) fixtures, and the surface is covered in a heavy-duty sapphire crystal. The phone’s camera user interface supports advanced features such as focusing, zebra lines, and histogram, as well as the ability to capture 10-bit RAW images.

Unfortunately, Xiaomi said Android control that it will not sell this Xiaomi 12S Ultra concept as a finished product.

Smartphone makers aren’t keen on releasing a brand of hot cameras these days, but Xiaomi rival Oppo (and its sub-brand OnePlus) has a similar arrangement with rival Leica Hasselblad.

Up until 2021, Leica had a similarly comfortable deal with Huawei, but the company’s ongoing problems with US sanctions eventually put an end to the deal.

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