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The test of the emergency alert system in the UK will hit Android phones today


A trial of the new Emergency Alert system is scheduled to take place today (June 22) touching Android phones in the UK.

The UK government plans to launch a new public security system later this summer, similar to the one used in the US. The system is designed to warn smartphone and tablet users of imminent threats to life, and how to stay safe; with alerts that can be issued at the national or local level, depending on the severity of the threat.

The system can warn the public of threats ranging from severe flood alarms to fires, explosions, terrorist incidents or public health emergencies.

On Tuesday, June 22, between 1:00 and 2:00 p.m. BST, The UK government – in collaboration with the country’s mobile carriers – will conduct an initial test of the system that will affect Android phones. A secondary test, localized for iPhones is scheduled to take place on June 29, across the Reading area, Berkshire – as confirmed by MacRumours.


The alert in question is expected to include a siren-like sound and vibration for about ten seconds, with some notices also including a phone number or a link to the GOV.UK website, where you can find more information . Alerts (including sirens) are said to bypass the silent or vibrating parameters of a phone.

Those who do not wish to receive such notifications in advance may opt-out, depending on the severity of the warning issued, however, the most important warnings will be pushed to the devices regardless of the user’s preference.

Android users can change what types of emergency alerts they receive by looking for the “emergency alerts” or “wireless emergency alerts” menu in their phone’s settings, while iOS users have a section of emergency alerts in “settings”> “notifications”, with switches for both “Extreme alerts” and “Severe alerts”.


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