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The Pixel 4a is great – but I won’t miss the Pixel 5a

It’s been a week since Google announced it Pixel 5a and said that, following reports that the device had been completely canceled, it would only come in the United States and Japan.

Considering the Pixel 4a was one of i better good phones I tried it in 2021, I was initially shocked that the sequel would not see a release in the UK.

But after spending some time with a number of very affordable, very specific and very good phones over the past few days my mind has changed a bit. In markets like the UK, can Google really offer some of the technology available elsewhere for the price?

The Pixel 4a is a great phone – but it’s a little basic. It sells only on the performance of the camera and its smaller-than-average size, falling behind the competition in many areas. I can’t imagine Google doing anything different with the Pixel 5a.

The competition is huge

Already this year I was amazed by what is an offer at a price similar to the Pixel 4a. Phones like the Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro it offers a 120Hz OLED display, a huge battery and a ridiculously fast charge for £ 249 – this is £ 100 cheaper than the Pixel 4a.

In his in-depth review, Jon Mundy said, “The Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro is one of the best good phones you can buy, it’s even better than some of the best mid-range phones we reviewed. There aren’t many phones on the market today that give you more for your money. ”

Then there’s the Poco range – another Xiaomi brand – which is currently titled by the Little F3. This £ 329 phone has a processor that trounces the flagship Pixel 5 and offers 5G – something else that’s missing in the 4th, though it will definitely be added to the 5th.

There are other options as well. Let u Realme 8 Pro and Realme X50 Pro I was impressed and it comes well below the asking price of the Pixel 4a.

These phones may not offer the pure picture quality of the Pixel 4a, but they offer more variety with different lenses and zoom options. If you don’t need the best picture quality, there’s very little reason to drown out a Pixel on one of these phones and don’t see the Pixel 5a being a big step forward in capturing it.

Pixel 4a 5G

It is also worth taking into account Pixel 4a 5G which, despite its name, is actually more similar to a Pixel 5 than a Pixel 4a. It supports the most expensive model in terms of processor and camera. It won’t be too long to imagine the Pixel 5a looking very similar to the 4a 5G. Add too many extra features and you’ll end up invoking the Pixel 5, or whatever Google has in store for it. Pixel 6.

This does not mean that Google should abandon its A series of phones altogether in the UK. While the phones listed above impress in many areas, they are also disappointed with the software they use. Xiaomi’s Android version is one of the worst, with built-in ads, heavy bloatware and bugs. Google’s Pixel phones aren’t bug-free, but you get frequent updates and a slimmer version of Android.

Maybe in 2022 when time is up and the Pixel 4a feels really obsolete, I’ll welcome the arrival of the 6a, but for now, there are too many other great bargain phones that take attention away from the A series of Google.

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