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The January update will finally ease the pain of Pixel 6 and Pro users

Google is currently rolling out the January update for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, promising to fix a lot of issues and override a few others.

Google removed the December OTA update after many users stopped making normal phone calls with their expensive new smartphones. In addition, the company has also disabled the Call Screening and Hold For Me features due to a separate Android update bug.

Installing the January update will bring a lot of individual fixes and should also resolve issues for those using the December update (although Google has given users the option to upgrade to the November patch, which itself is full of bugs that the December update was supposed to fix). …

Although the update has not been published through OTA’s own software update process, 9to5Google posted links to factory images for Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro (here and here).

The patch is already available for other Pixel phones, where it fixed issues with Chromecast volume controls, a screen unlock bug, emergency call issues, and more. The delayed launch is now reaching Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro users ahead of the January 17 leak by Canadian carrier Fido (via android police).

Google previously said the update would arrive at the end of January, which did little to satisfy loyal early adopters who have had the buggy phone since it bought it. Pixel users are used to tough upgrades, but when your phone stops working like a phone, it’s a real pleasure.

Hopefully the January update fixes the lingering issues so that Pixel 6 owners can enjoy their Android 12 phone again. Or start enjoying them.

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