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The iPad is set for a major software overhaul following the release of the iPad Pro M1


iOS is the foundation of every iPhone and iPad and we look forward to seeing iOS 15 arrive later this year. Here’s everything we know so far about software updates and everything we want to see added.

If you use one of the better iPhone o better iPads then use iOS. This is the software that powers Apple’s mobile devices and receives a big update every year. This year iOS 15 is planned and we already know a few things.

Below you will find any rumors about the updates that have been leaked so far, along with the features we would like to see the most.

Apple has announces its annual WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference) will launch with a Keynote on June 7th. This is typically the event where Apple details the next list of software and it is expected that iOS 15 will be a major feature of the online-only event.

Apple generally follows the announcement with a developer beta, with a wider public beta a month or two later.

In terms of when you will see iOS 15 arrive on your phone, it usually happens around the same time that Apple releases a new device. If the iPhone 13 arriving in September, we expect iOS 15 to ship on that device and be available at a similar time.

Apple has been doing a great job of supporting its iPhones and iPads for several years after release, with some versions of iOS launching with full support for every device running the previous version.

The first noises have suggested that might not be the case here, with the original iPhone SE and iPhone 6S (along with its sibling iPhone 6S) ready to run iOS 15. You may also not be able to install iOS 15 if you have an iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2 or iPad 5.

Goodbye iPhone 6s?

Our first big news regarding iOS 15 comes from Bloomberg, who reported that the iPad could be set to get the largest shipment of news this year when the software is likely to be announced at WWDC. This makes sense considering the iPad Pro 2021, with his Chip M1, has just been revealed.

It looks like you’ll finally be able to put widgets anywhere on the home screen, even completely replacing the app grid with these thumbnail apps. Currently widgets on the iPad are limited to a small part of the display. This is much more similar to how widgets work on an iPhone.

The same report says it comes with even more privacy controls, with a new menu showing which apps are collecting data.

Another novelty, which will not be limited to the iPad, is better notification preferences. You need to, if the report turns out to be correct, quickly switch profiles between various ways like driving, sleeping or working.


1. More choices on default apps

It’s been a big step for Apple to give a bit of a boost with the default apps in iOS 14, however being able to use third-party alternatives for Mail and Safari isn’t enough. In iOS 15, it would be nice to define predefined music players and SMS clients among others.

2. Interactive widgets

Apple has added home screen widgets in iOS 14 and they remain welcome additions. However, the lack of interactivity limits the usefulness a bit.

You can’t, for example, have a Spotify widget that allows you to pause a song, or a weather widget that allows you to scroll through cities without entering the app. Until this feature is added, widgets will still be limited in iOS.

iOS 14 has added support for widgets, like this one from Google

3. A new lockscreen with more information

The lockscreen of an iPhone is full of wasted space. With iOS 15, we’d love Apple to take some inspiration from it Apple Watch 6 and give them some complications – small details that are immediately visible. This would work in tandem with the ever-present display which is very noisy for the iPhone 13.

Complications can include a glanceable look at the temperature, a look at your activity rings or even the number of unread notifications you have.

4. Further improvements to notifications

We don’t think Apple has ever really implemented notifications on an iPhone, especially compared to Android. It always seems like all notifications are created equal, while what we really want are our initial messages and everything else stuck together.

Every morning, iPhone users wake up to a lock screen full of countless notifications, which no one feels like in a correct order. Hopefully iOS 15 will solve this.

5. A better camera shortcut

Every time our reviewers go through one of the best android phones on an iPhone it takes me a few days to remember that I can’t open the camera just just a double click on the power key. This stalwart feature of Android needs to make its way to iOS as soon as possible.

6. Widgets like iPhone on iPad

Widgets are treated differently on iPad and iPhone. On a iPhone 12 (Or any other iOS 14-toting model) you can put widgets on multiple pages online with app. On an iPad, they are restricted to a single panel and must all be lined up.

With a large screen available, it seems strange that Apple doesn’t let us put widgets anywhere on an iPhone from the outside. Hopefully this will be rectified in iOS 15.

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