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The Government is increasing taxes on imported phones and other electronic devices


In the latest news, the government has increased regulations on the import of mobile phones and other electronic devices since July 1, 2021. This is due to the FBR issuing “customized balance sheet instructions” to the Modules of Customs Collectors (MCC) for application in ports.

This inevitably increases the import rate for mobile groups by having:

  • C&F value in US $ (up to $ 30) from Rs. 165 per set at Rs. 300 per game.
  • C&F value in US $ ($ 31 to $ 100) from Rs. 1,620 per series at Rs. 3,000.
  • C&F value in US $ ($ 101 to $ 200) from Rs. 2,430 to Rs. 7,500.
  • C&F value in US $ ($ 201 to $ 350) from Rs. 3,240 to Rs. 11,000.
  • C&F value in US $ ($ 351 to $ 500) from Rs. 9,450 to Rs. 15,000 per set.
  • RD was increased on the import of mobile sets with C&F Value in US $ (above $ 500) from Rs. 16,650 per set at Rs. 22,000 in total.

This is a way for the FBR to ensure that local products and items are supported in particular in the case of electronic items. On the other hand, this regulatory obligation is said to stimulate the positive image of the country in terms of trade.

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