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The App Store has signed more than $ 1.5 billion in suspicious transactions in 2020

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The App Review team is an essential line of defense, carefully reviewing every app and every update to make sure they adhere to the strong App Store guidelines on privacy, security and spam. The guidelines are changed over time to respond to new threats and challenges, with the goal of protecting users and providing them with the best experience in the App Store.

Apple’s goal is always to get new apps on the store. By 2020, the team has helped more than 180,000 new developers launch apps. Sometimes, this requires little evidence. An app may end up or not work properly when submitted for approval, or it may not even have a sufficient mechanism to moderate user-generated content. By 2020, nearly 1 million new problematic apps, and nearly 1 million app updates, will be rejected or removed for a number of reasons such as those.

A smaller but significant set of these rejections was for flagrant violations that could harm users or profoundly diminish their experience. In 2020 alone, the App Review team rejected more than 48,000 apps for containing hidden or undocumented functionality, and more than 150,000 apps were rejected because they were found to be spam, copycats, or deceptive to users in ways such as manipulating them. make a purchase.

Some developers make a mistake and change: by fundamentally changing the operation of the application after the revision to circumvent the guidelines and commit prohibited and even criminal actions. When such applications are discovered, they are rejected or removed immediately from the store, and developers are notified of a 14-day appeals process before their accounts are finally terminated. By 2020, about 95,000 apps will be removed from the App Store for fraudulent violations, mostly for this type of exit and change maneuvers.

In just the last few months, for example, Apple has rejected or eliminated feature-changing apps after the first review to become real-money gaming apps, predatory loan issuers, and porn hubs; using in-game signals to facilitate the purchase of drugs; and has rewarded users for transmitting illegal and pornographic content via video chat.

Another common reason applications are rejected is that they simply ask for more user data than they need, or mistreat the data they collect. In 2020, the App Review team rejected more than 215,000 apps for those sorts of privacy violations. Apple believes that privacy is a fundamental right, and this commitment is a major reason why users choose the App Store.

Even with these rigorous review safeguards in place, with 1.8 million apps on the App Store, the problems still remain. Users can report problematic apps by choosing the Report a problem feature on the App Store or by calling Apple Support, and developers can use one of these methods or additional channels such as Feedback Assistant and Apple Developer Support.

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