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The 256GB iPhone SE is now completely stolen with this phenomenal deal.

If you want an iPhone with more storage on a cheap contract, this iPhone SE 2 deal might be for you.

Mobile Phones Direct is currently offering the iPhone SE 2 with a whopping 256GB of onboard storage under a 24-month contract for just £16 a month with a small initial charge of £39.

Get a 256GB iPhone SE with 100GB of data for £16/month.

You can currently get the iPhone SE 2 with 256GB of storage on a 24-month contract with 100GB of monthly data for just £16 per month.

  • Mobile phones directly
  • 100 GB data
  • £16 per month

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The contract is also attractive. It’s on Three, and it offers unlimited text messages and minutes, as well as 100GB of monthly data.

Paired with plenty of storage and an incredibly compact iPhone SE, it’s the perfect choice for those who travel a lot and listen to a lot of music.

Please note that this is not the iPhone SE (2022) released last year, but the predecessor of the phone from 2020. However, it remains a workable phone and you can be sure that Apple will continue to support it for years to come.

In our initial review, we noted that “Flagship performance should keep up this speed for years,” and I can say from personal experience that the phone runs flawlessly to this day.

The phone’s 12-megapixel camera takes decent pictures and great video in good light. While its design is rather old-fashioned, it is exactly the same as the iPhone SE (2022) that replaced it in the lineup. We are talking here about spot the differences.

It’s also worth noting that you get wireless charging with the iPhone SE 2, which isn’t often found in such an affordable device.

In general, very attractive deal with iPhone SE 2 for a certain type of data and human memory.

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