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TECNO releases the first Eagle Eye lens that automatically tracks objects

TECNO has unveiled one of the most innovative smartphone updates of the year. Typical telephoto lenses have Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) because the optical zoom also multiplies the handshake. This works well for static objects, but you still have to track moving objects manually. TECNO came up with a solution – Eagle Eye lenses. TECNO has decided to give its users a full explanation of how the OIS solution works.

System of two prisms instead of one (for the first time of its kind). Each prism can rotate along one axis – one +/-8°, the other +/-10°. According to Tecno, when two prisms are combined, the camera can automatically track an object – as much as +/-16° on one axis and +/-20° on the other.

Internal rotating dual lens prisms that enable true AI-assisted tracking and shooting provide a super-stabilization angle that can reach up to 6 degrees on both the positive and negative axis.

The two prisms can be tilted along the same axis by +/- 8° or +/- 10°, resulting in a total uniaxial tilt range of +/-16° in the short side direction and +/-20° in the long side direction for the image. , allowing them to intelligently track moving objects in an image. Consequently, the center of the telephoto field of view will be constantly occupied by moving objects. Jimmy Hsu, Deputy Director of the TECNO Image Research and Development Center, said:

“The Eagle Eye Lens can solve the age-old problem of limited telephoto field of view when shooting sports videos such as F1 racing. Instead, advanced equipment can accurately track, detect and capture the fast movement of racing cars, giving remote filming users the best possible experience.”

Advanced features present in the revolutionary Eagle eye lens rethink technology. Notably, the tracking and shooting features found in most smartphones, whether Android or iOS, use digital cutting technology to center the subject in the frame.

By comparison, TECNO’s Eagle Eye Lens technology is the first to provide true physical tracking and shooting, providing users with flawless images free of any imperfections or digital interruption.

The new imaging technology offered by the Eagle Eye lens further optimizes the enjoyment of capturing captivating videos with moving subjects for users, resulting in superior video stabilization when shooting.

TECNO has decided to constantly focus on the development of flagship image processing capabilities and significant improvements in portraiture, zoom, image stability and other photography parameters. The company does this by adhering to its glocalization strategy and the major global trends in mobile imaging technologies. More fundamentally new technologies are expected to be introduced in the near future.

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