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Studio Caddy is the most elaborate Apple charging stand I’ve ever seen

Kensington has just announced Studio Caddy, a very elaborate stand that aims to squeeze and hold all of your Apple technologies at once.

The Studio Caddy is Kensignton’s latest high-quality, affordable accessory and it’s something. This move is intended to recharge multiple devices at once and keep everything in order in the process.

The basin comes in two parts and you can use them together (they attach magnetically) or separately, depending on how you want to organize your installation.

One part has a detachable Qi charger for yours iPhone 12 (or any supported phone, for that matter) and another wireless charger for a couple of AirPods. The charger designed for the iPhone is placed vertically, so you can keep an eye on notifications while your phone is charging.

There’s also a USB-C (20w) port and a USB-A (12w) port on the side to plug in cables to recharge other items, maybe a Apple Watch 6, a better Android phone or iPad back. You can also charge the MacBook this way, however with only 20w it happens very slowly.

The second part has a stand for iPad and a place to store your MacBook. While there is no built-in cable to charge your Mac, it holds it in an ideal position for connecting to an external monitor.

Of course, while Kensington is only aimed at Apple users there is no reason why it should not perform the same functionality with other tablets, a Windows laptop or Android phones.

It seems that this would be an ideal product for some MagSafe integration. This is the magnetic charging technology Apple introduced iPhone 12 and allows faster wireless charging up to 15w. The Qi chargers here will charge an iPhone at a maximum speed of 7.5w (10w if you’re using an Android) and 5w for AirPods and AirPods Pro.

I may think this is a very niche product, but that seems quite useful if you have a small desk and want to keep everything loaded and held together. The split nature gives them a little more versatility, allowing you to use both halves on different parts of your desk.

It’s pretty expensive though, coming in at $ 179.99. It’s a lot of money for a bit of charging convenience.

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Qi Wireless Charging

The most common format for wireless charging is the one supported by most devices. The charging speed varies greatly from phone to phone.

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