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Someone put iPhone’s Lightning port on Android phone

Someone finally did it, they put an iPhone Lightning port on a Samsung Android phone. Here’s what it looks like.

The developers behind the “world’s first iPhone with USB-C” likely created the world’s first Samsung Galaxy A51 with a Lightning port.

Robotics engineer Ken Pillonell (via YouTube) managed to connect a Lighting port to an Android phone, and its teaser video only gave us a small glimpse of the phone.

We can see that the phone looks sleek and the Lighting port is discreetly placed where a USB-C port should have been. Pillonel also showcases charging capabilities, apparently using the same Lighting charger to charge an iPhone X before switching to a Samsung Galaxy.

Since Lightning cables only work with Apple products, Pillonel would have to trick the connected cable into thinking it was connecting to Apple hardware and not something designed by Samsung.

It will be interesting to see how the engineer handled this, especially since the new port doesn’t look out of place and sits flush with the phone just like the previous port.

Pillonel mentions that this experiment was for fun and an ironic nod to the ongoing debate about USB-C ports on Apple products and vice versa.

We recommend that you don’t try this at home, and Pillonel also mentioned that he doesn’t expect someone “in their right mind” to try this on their own device.

To watch a teaser of how he put together this new phone, check out the original YouTube video just below:

Reliable double

While we don’t expect to see a Lightning port on any Android phones in the future, I expect Apple to move to USB-C sooner rather than later.

Even though some devices like the iPad Pro (2021) have switched to it, the latest iPhone 13 line was strictly Lightning, although USB-C is pretty common now.

While most Android users probably won’t need a Lightning port, many Apple users may want to plug in more peripherals and join the ubiquitous USB-C realm out of convenience.

I can only hope that the iPhone 14 line will make this change, although it’s nice to see what the world would look like if everyone switched to Lightning, even if that never happens.

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