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Samsung’s foldable bet won’t let it beat the iPhone 13

According to industry experts, the lack of a rival to the foldable Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 won’t stop the iPhone 13 from becoming the top-selling flagship smartphone this year.

IDC senior research manager Martha Pinto told Trusted Reviews that all the evidence suggests Apple will maintain its leading position in the flagship segment of the over $ 1,000 market right after the iPhone 13 was released last night.

“With a shorter Android offering in the premium segment, Apple maintains a dominant position above the $ 1,000 price threshold. With Samsung’s latest bet on launching foldable devices, which is still a niche, there is no direct threat to Apple’s current position and therefore iPhones are still increasing sales at this price point without the need to create great marketing campaigns, ”she said.

She added this mainly because Apple is still showing little interest in Android in its strongest segment of the market, affordable phones.

“Apple’s strategy is clearly not to compete on price: it is an ambitious brand that wants to keep its brand and does not need all price segments. By targeting prices from the high end and higher (most premium segments), the brand has managed to isolate itself from Android vendors who are fighting for lower prices (and also probably lower margins …) and higher volumes, ”she said.

Pinto’s comments are consistent with the findings of Trusted Reviews. Over the past half decade, while the Apple iPhone has dominated our guide to the best phones, there have been virtually no products that met our criteria to count as entries in our guide to the best cheap phones.

Android’s focus on volume is a key reason it remains the most popular operating system despite Apple dominating the premium market, according to Latest IDC Predictions which indicates that it controls 83.8% of the total market.

CCS Insight, chief analyst, Ben Wood, echoed Pinto’s prediction, suggesting that Apple has made appropriate improvements to the iPhone to keep it on track and likely to outperform its key Android competitors this year.

“Camera performance has become a major battleground in premium smartphones, and it’s no surprise that Apple has expanded its game by adding 3x optical zoom, macro photography, and video features like cinematic mode to top iPhones. While many of these technologies exist on competing smartphones, Apple has done more than enough to support the notion that the iPhone offers one of the best cameras available, ”he said.

“It looks like Apple has made significant strides in improving battery life, which is very important for consumers spending more and more time on their phones. For people moving to older iPhones, the improvement will be significant. ”

The iPhone 13 line of phones launched last night during Apple’s digital live broadcast in September 2021. The firm also unveiled the new iPad 9, iPad Mini 6, and Apple Watch 7.

Despite the positive comments from analysts, the phone is a minor update to the iPhone 12 lineup, with many changes beyond the use of the A15 Bionic in each, applicable to the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max. The Pro are the only new iPhones to feature key upgrades like the ProMotion variable refresh rate screen. You can see a detailed comparison guide for old and new phones using the links below.

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