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Samsung will remove ads from preloaded apps with an update coming later this year

Samsung intends to finally address the concerns expressed by consumers and stop showing ads in its pre-installed apps available on Galaxy phones. The default apps that will no longer show ads as a result of the update include Samsung Weather, Samsung Pay, and Samsung Theme. Like some of its Chinese competitors, including Xiaomi, Samsung has been placing ads on its phones – even on high-end models like the Galaxy S21 Ultra and the recently launched Galaxy Z Flip 3. Some customers have complained about inappropriate ad content being shown despite spending thousands of rupees. (or hundreds of dollars) for premium phones.

During an internal meeting in the town hall, the head of Samsung for mobile devices T.M. Ro said the company has decided to remove ads from its own apps because reported South Korean news agency Yonhap. The new solution is designed to improve the user experience on Samsung Galaxy phones.

Samsung confirmed the development in a separate statement to The Verge and stressed that the update will hit users later in 2021.

“Samsung has decided to stop advertising its own apps, including Samsung Weather, Samsung Pay and Samsung Theme. The update will be ready by the end of this year, ”the company said. quoted by The Verge.

The Yonhap report mentions that the update will be available in a new One UI release. However, it is currently unclear if this change will affect all users, including those with affordable Galaxy phones. The company also did not confirm if the update will be available to consumers in India, as well as to their counterparts around the world. Gadgets 360 approached Samsung with inquiries on both of these issues. This report will be updated when we receive a response.

Last year, some Samsung users complained on reddit about unwanted ads appearing on their phones. Users provided several screenshots to emphasize that the company was displaying ads of various sizes, not only text ads, but also with images, which occupy almost a third of the screen.

While users can jump to some of the pre-installed app alternatives to get rid of ads, this is not a decision to be made or expected after spending a lot of money on a flagship phone.

Samsung isn’t the only one in the market to offer ads via its pre-installed apps on phones. Various Chinese companies are notorious for cash out their user base by displaying promotional content on their phones. In fact, Samsung’s main competitor and one of the largest Chinese manufacturers, Xiaomi is notorious for showing ads even on its interface.

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