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Samsung Intends To Build A Local Assembly Plant In Pakistan


In the latest news, Samsung is currently in negotiations with numerous investors regarding the creation of a local assembly plant in Pakistan for their respective smartphone products. So far there are three investors looking to be part of this project. One of these investor parties resides in South Korea, which has already built assembly units in Pakistan, under the 2016-2021 Automobile Development Policy, while the remaining two parties have not been disclosed.

According to numerous sources, the technology giant is looking to work with another Korean company to operate properly in Pakistan. In addition, according to another source to society “We look forward to starting the local mobile assembly in the last quarter of this year.”.


In addition, based on the country’s economic survey, the telecommunications sector had earned about $ 101 million in Foreign Direct Investment during the period July-February 2021. With the arrival of Samsung’s entry, it is enough to show the more money will be invested in the ever-growing smartphone market, thus allowing other global companies to get even a piece of the same pie.

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