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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra display could be super bright

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra display can be configured to increase brightness over the already shiny Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

Leaks of information about the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra do not stop, mainly due to the Twitter account of one Ice Universe. This reliable source recently told us about the camera specs of the Galaxy S22 Ultra (slightly disappointing), as well as improved charging options, among others.

Now Ice Universe has amazed us with the announcement that “the peak brightness of the S22 Ultra has broken the highest record of any Samsung OLED display.”

This may sound like an obvious statement – the new phone is better than the old shocker – but it’s worth considering the point of comparison here. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has a peak brightness of 1500 nits.

It’s very bright, even against the backdrop of newer phones like the iPhone 13 Pro Max, which still has an impressive 1200 nits. Perhaps the display of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will amaze Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra (1700 nits) brightness height.

Speaking of the iPhone, the whistleblower apparently dug up the likes of Apple with the comment, “Obviously Samsung still keeps the best screen for itself.” Samsung supplies most of the OLED displays used in handheld devices, from smartphones to the new OLED Nintendo Switch displays. But he clearly keeps his best tricks to himself.

Samsung recently revealed record third-quarter earnings for 2021, at least in part thanks to demand for its display technology from Apple and the company. The success of the iPhone 13 means the success of Samsung.

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