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Samsung Galaxy S21 FE leak confirms key specs

V Samsung Galaxy S21 FE I was conspicuous by my absence from the recent Galaxy Unpacked event, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be coming soon. The fact that this may indeed be around the corner is evidenced by a listing in the developer database of the Google Play console with confirmation of some key characteristics.

The ad was noticed MyFixGuideand the features highlighted – while not surprising – definitely fit FE’s history of delivering high-end specs at (presumably) lower cost.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor – the same chip used in the flagship Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 phone – is supported by 6GB of RAM with the (admittedly unusual) 1080 x 2009 resolution listed. The phone will run Android 11.

These specs are very similar to the Galaxy S21, just like the S20 FE mimicked the S20. But what really made the S20 FE special was the much-anticipated £ 200 price cut achieved through a plastic bezel, slightly weaker camera setup, less RAM and reduced resolution – all a small price to pay to maintain a powerful SoC. …

While the S21 FE was not unveiled at Samsung’s last event, this was not entirely unexpected as one report suggested it was pushed back to the fourth quarter, which means a release date between October and December. Considering that there was a time when it was rumored to be completely canceled due to ongoing chip shortage, a little delay is not the worst outcome in the world.

The chip shortage is said to have hit Samsung’s mid-range and budget phones particularly hard, as the company is reportedly struggling to maintain inventory with US carriers, creating a market gap that other companies like OnePlus need to fill.

It will be interesting to see if the S21 FE will eventually fill that inventory gap or become another out of stock product that is only theoretically available to most consumers.

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