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Samsung Galaxy S21 FE cases accidentally discovered by the company ahead of launch

The cases for the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE were accidentally discovered by a South Korean company ahead of the official announcement. The company is planning 15 cases for the Galaxy S21 FE, which will be available in various colors. In addition to traditional silicone cases, the phone may have options like Smart Clear View and Thin Strap. Body color options match the Galaxy S21 FE shades.

As reported by SamMobile, GalaxyVilaga spotted that the Hungarian Samsung website has prematurely disclosed cases for the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE. The official site has removed the list at the time of writing, although a news source was able to glean details from its brief appearance.

Samsung is said to have shown 15 cases for the Galaxy S21 FE in five different types, two of which are transparent without color. The other three models, by contrast, have color options that match those of the Galaxy S21 FE – if rumors are to be believed and the phone will be available in black (graphite), lavender, olive and white.

The transparencies will include a plain transparent case as well as a transparent stand case. According to the online listing, Samsung will also have a silicone case for the Galaxy S21 FE in black, lavender, olive, red and white.

In addition to regular cases, there can be a Smart Clear View case in black, lavender, olive and white, as well as a thin wrist strap case attached to the back in Lime green, navy blue, orange and yellow. colors. The color seems to be limited by the strap as the case appears to be transparent.

Cases for Samsung Galaxy S21 FE appeared on the net
Photo: Samsung / GalaxyVilaga

The release of the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE has yet to be confirmed by the company. However, the forecast is for January. The phone has also recently appeared in an unboxing and review video.

Earlier this month, Samsung’s Ireland website briefly listed the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE with its pricing and options details. The phone came out with a starting price of € 769 (roughly Rs 64,600) for the 128GB model, while its 256GB variant came out at € 839 (roughly Rs 70,400).

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