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Samsung Galaxy S20 Series users report white and green display issues that get worse over time


Samsung Galaxy S20 series users have reported screen issues. There have been complaints of white or green spots on the display that get worse over time until the phone becomes unusable. Most complaints come from Samsung Galaxy S20 + and Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra users. Users posted videos of the problems with their displays along with screenshots. While a Samsung community forum moderator suggested booting the phone and performing a reset, there was no official response and users say this method does not solve the problem.

One Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra user switched to community forum first complain that small flickering lines appeared on his phone, which were noticeable during games. These lines turned green and white over time, and the phone even started to overheat. When he contacted Samsung support, reps instructed him to perform a soft reset, but that didn’t seem to fix the issue. Later, the user reports that Samsung has replaced the display and battery in order to fix the problem.

BUT Samsung Galaxy S20 + user on Reddit also shared a video about the problem. The video shows the phone displaying green lines followed by white lines making it almost unusable. For now, it seems to be replacing the display heading to Samsung’s repair center. If your phone is not under warranty, it will be expensive.


Samsung has not yet officially answered this display issue, which affects users of the Samsung Galaxy S20 series. Samsung phones aren’t new to display-related issues. Earlier this year, the company released a new update for Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G aims to address a longstanding touchscreen problem. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G users reportedly started experiencing problems using the phone’s touchscreen shortly after its launch.

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