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Rumors about the release date of the new BlackBerry 2022, price and specifications

The new BlackBerry phone was due for release in 2021 and the brand seemingly rose from the dead … once again. However, there was no such phone, and fans still did not understand if the new BlackBerry would hit the market, or if there would be one at all.

The repetition of the BlackBerry’s ups and downs is a common topic of conversation in consumer technology, especially as the brand has had its second rise and fall in the past three years.

Sometime in the mid-2000s, the business king of the phone world, BlackBerry’s physical keyboard and software couldn’t withstand the onslaught of the iPhone and the rise of Android. BlackBerry released one Android phone – the 2015 Priv – and then discontinued phones.

TCL then bought the rights to make BlackBerry-branded phones, first providing us with the 2017 KeyOne and then the 2018 Key2 – an even better sequel. A couple of other phones came from the partnership, but as of August 31, 2020, TCL has ended support for these phones via software updates and the partnership has ended.

So it was a bit of a surprise that at the same time that TCL waived its license, the American company OnwardMobility took it in its place and has since announced that it will soon be working on a 5G BlackBerry device with a physical keyboard.

When will BlackBerry 2022 come out?

According to OnwardMobility’s initial 2020 press release on the matter, the new BlackBerry Android phone was supposed to arrive in the “first half of 2021,” however, almost a year after that initial window, we still don’t have a new “Berry”. sink your teeth.

In late July 2021, the company announced its “Priority Commitment Program,” offering fans and businesses the opportunity to contribute to the development process of the first BlackBerry 5G, as well as the ability to get early access to pre-order as soon as the Phone is ready to debut.

While there was no further information on the program sign-up page on when the phone would actually be ready for release, it did provide some insight into OnwardMobility’s progress as their device was already under development at the time, but final design or specs and features. which have not yet been committed.

OnwardMobility BlackBerry Coming Soon 2021 2022

Retrieved from the OnwardMobility website in January 2022.

With the company’s website still mentioning the 2021 release and no new messages or actions on its website or social media since the first half of last year, the question of “when” is quickly becoming an “if” in the minds of up-and-coming BlackBerry. fans who have also just lost support for their legacy BlackBerry devices at the time of writing.

When (and if) the new BlackBerry arrives, it is expected to launch in North America, Europe and Asia, although we do not yet know what specific markets in those regions are included.

How much will BlackBerry 2022 cost?

We don’t have pricing information yet, but we’re guessing it will be quite high, perhaps around £ 800 / $ 800.

We don’t expect their phones to sell in huge numbers, unless OnwardMobility can find buyers from the big business. TCL’s BlackBerry phones tended to be more expensive than specs suggested – compared to competing devices – and we don’t expect that trait to change this time around.

The BlackBerry in 2021/2022 is at least a niche device, and while the premium price will try to reflect the exclusivity of a rugged phone with a keyboard, the reality is that it is likely to be expensive due to the same niche appeal. …

What specs will BlackBerry 2022 offer?

According to OnwardMobility, their new BlackBerry will offer 5G networking capabilities and a physical keyboard. In fact, these are the only two specs we have, besides the fact that the phone will run Android.

OnwardMobility has licensed the BlackBerry name and is also working with FIH Mobile Limitied, a subsidiary of Foxconn, to manufacture the phone.

The only part of the original announcement that hinted at the phone’s specs stated that “there is an absolute need for a secure, feature-rich 5G phone that boosts productivity.”

It’s still pretty vague, but suggests that BlackBerry – a company (after discontinuing production of its own phones, BlackBerry focused on becoming a viable cybersecurity brand) – could be involved at the software level, as was the case with licensed TCL phones.

BlackBerry, on the other hand, has sold out its catalog of patents over the past year or so, 90 of which have been sold to Huawei as of mid-2021, although admittedly this is a drop in the bucket from an estimated total patent volume of 38,000. possession. It is unclear whether the sale of smartphone software patents will affect the company’s ability or intention to provide its own original software in the future.

“Multifunctionality” perhaps means that the new BlackBerry will sing, dance and dance, unlike the KeyOne or Key2. 5G phones don’t have to advertise the latest most powerful Snapdragon chipset, but it could help the new BlackBerry last a few years. In particular, KeyOne is rather slow today and does not meet the requirements of tomorrow.

New Wishlist BlackBerry 2022

With so little specific information, here are a few things that OnwardMobility’s new 5G BlackBerry will hopefully unveil to pay tribute to the brand.

High refresh rate display

KeyOne and Key2 used the same screen and it wasn’t the best. The colors were a little muted and the brightness was low. A premium BlackBerry should have a much better display, and we hope it will have a high refresh rate as early as 2021. If OnwardMobility wants to attract business professionals, it should treat them with a premium screen.

Excellent keyboard

It goes without saying that the physical keyboard should be good, but the last great keyboard on the BlackBerry was the 2014 BlackBerry Classic. Clicking tactile keys have not been recreated since then. Key2 came closest, but the keys were too small and too square.

Sliding form factor

Larger key placement issues are expected from modern smartphone form factors. The KeyOne and Key2 had shabby screens to accommodate a physical keyboard underneath while still having a handset size. We think the new BlackBerry should recreate the BlackBerry Priv form factor with a conventional smartphone touchscreen display and a slide-out form factor that hides a physical keyboard.

On the other hand, if the phone emulated the compact design of the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and made Android work as it should, we would be in a nostalgic paradise.

Good cameras

All cameras on TCL BlackBerrys were weak. We hope the 5G BlackBerry has cameras that rivals today’s smartphones. If companies keep bringing back the brand, they need to stop compromising on camera quality – one of the top things people value about their phones these days – even businessmen.

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