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Rumored iPhone SE 3 in 2022 could be a disappointment

Apple has “pushed back” a planned design overhaul for the next iPhone SE, according to a source who says the addition of 5G will headline a 2022 release.

The developer who posts under DylanDKT on Twitter (via AppleInsider), and has credible Apple predictions behind it, says Apple has pushed back a proposed mid-range phone upgrade.

A year ago, he predicted a new design based on the iPhone 11 rather than the current build based on the iPhone 8, with the Touch ID sensor moving to the power button like in some recent iPads.

However, in an update to a tweet posted today, he predicts only modest performance gains, and a 5G connection is slated for the release of the iPhone SE in 2022. The more ambitious renovation has been postponed until 2024, he said.

He wrote: “The iPhone SE, with a design similar to the XR / 11, with a slightly smaller screen size, has been pushed back to its expected 2024 release. In 2022, Apple will instead release the iPhone SE with 5G, which is a significant leap in specs. and the same design as the 2020 model. “

Whether Apple will update the iPhone SE in 2022 remains to be seen. The first generation arrived in March 2016 and was only updated four years later.

However, it continues to be extremely popular with mid-range buyers who love iOS but don’t like paying flagship prices for their phone.

It’s also easy to see why. The 2013 iPhone SE offers great value for money, great performance thanks to the A13 chipset and a great camera. It’s also a great option for those who don’t want a phone that stretches their pocket and would otherwise miss out on the Home button and Touch ID sensor.

Given that this is a device that people don’t expect cutting-edge specs or big advances from, a more muted release might not hurt sales at all.

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