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Realme is set to launch its “best-priced” 5G smartphone on May 12th.

Realme has announced that it will be releasing two new smartphones and a tablet on May 12, all of which seem to boast excellent value for money.

Realme is due to release the Realme 9, Realme 9 5G and Realme Pad Mini in Europe on May 12, saying they are “the best 4G and 5G smartphones and mini tablets available in 2022.”

Along with this announcement, the manufacturer confirmed that the Realme 9 will be the first smartphone to feature a Samsung ISOCELL HM6 sensor with an impressive 106MP resolution. However, this is one of the few crumbs of information we know for sure about the three devices, so be sure to keep an eye on them. Reliable Reviewsrun the report for the full details, especially as Realme cryptically teased that “one mighty surprise” would also be revealed at the event.

Realme 9 5G

While the spec sheets are still carefully kept under wraps, we’ve at least received a few teasing product images in the meantime. The above shot shows the Realme 9 5G in action and at least in appearance it looks very similar to the already released Realme 9 Pro Plus. Let’s hope it’s similar to this phone in terms of performance as we gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars and called it “an outstanding option in the £350 smartphone category”.

Realme Mini Tablet

The image above teases the launch of the Realme Pad Mini and also confirms two key features of this Android tablet: it will have a large 6400mAh battery and, despite the name, a relatively large 8.7-inch screen. In our review of its big brother, the Realme Pad, we praised the device’s screen and design quality, but noted that the processor wasn’t particularly powerful. If this tablet boasts any improvements, we hope a chipset update will be on the list.

Our excitement about this launch is only fueled by the brand’s results this year, especially with the launch of its most premium device to date; The Realme GT 2 Pro wowed us with its innovative paper-like textured back. We also praised its gorgeous display, flagship-level performance, excellent battery life, and advanced fast charging capabilities; we can only hope that the Realme 8 successor will also get a taste of these features.

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