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Realme GT 3 confirmed with 240W charging

Realme has confirmed that it will be launching the Realme GT 3 globally with a main 240W charging feature.

The way we got this news is somewhat confusing. Realme has just released the GT Neo 5 as a China-only flagship phone with 240W charging as a standout feature.

However, we won’t get the GT Neo 5 in global markets. That’s why Realme just notified us that 240W phone charging will be coming to other territories later in the Realme GT 3.

Some claim this means the Realme GT 3 will be little more than a rebranded Realme GT Neo 5, but we’ll have to wait and see. At least for the Western market, there may be several modifications.

For example, will the Realme GT 3 keep the Realme GT Neo 5’s extravagant transparent RGB lighting system on the back of the phone? Maybe. In the end, Nothing Phone (1) was well received, although Realme seems to be leaning towards the cheaper gaming phone design language.

However, it’s all about 240W charging. It’s remarkable not only because it’s the fastest charging standard we’ve seen on a phone, but also because it reaches the very limits of the current USB-C standard. 240W is about as fast as it gets at the current setting.

That could be fast enough for the foreseeable future given Realme’s claims that 30 seconds of charging will give you enough power for two hours of nonstop phone calls. When Realme launched the standard last year, it showed it could go from 0 to 100% in just nine minutes.

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