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Punjab government sugar import tracking system for easy monitoring and transparency

The latest news featured an imported sugar tracking system developed by Punjab Information Technology (PITB) in collaboration with the Punjab Food Department, which aims to assist the government and sugar industry stakeholders by ensuring a hassle-free, hassle-free workflow. delays. Overall, the system helps to increase transparency and simplify monitoring from dispatch to port to sales. The sugar import tracking system is the first of its kind digitized system that now operates throughout Punjab.

The information panel of the system, available to the deputy commissioners, allowed the district authorities to timely track the shipment and transit of received and sold sugar through the Punjab with the ability to record payments for these consignments. In addition, this system is also useful for tracking sugar prices and facilitating timely intervention in this regard. The system provides data on dispatch, receipt, transit, payment and vessel. The Punjab Food Department is working to create a more transparent and resilient supply chain through a sugar import tracking system supported by the PITB. This initiative will benefit not only the government but also relevant stakeholders by ensuring continuous tracking of sugar from port to distributors to sales in the districts.

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