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PTA fails to stop SIM scams as complaints continue to pile up

Islamabad: Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) failed to stop scammers using mobile phones to rob people.

Despite all the complaints, the PTA has not been able to stop counterfeit mobile phone SIM cards. According to official documents, the use of fake SIM cards in financial fraud and illegal activities is increasing day by day. It is rather surprising to find out that original CNICs are being used to issue counterfeit SIM cards. But no action was taken by the authorities to block the SIM card or any other action against the scammers.

What’s more, people are using fake silicone thumbs to issue fake SIM cards. According to the FIA ​​document Cyber ​​Crimes, there were 88,516 complaints about counterfeit SIM cards in 2022. The investigation shows that there were 24,853 crimes related to counterfeit SIM cards this year.

The white paper shows that in 2021, the Cybercrime Authority received 100,772 complaints about counterfeit SIM cards. Mostly it was about financial benefits and rewards.

For example, people receive messages from unknown numbers that highlight the Urdu text: “Benazir income support program se apko Rs 35,000 Mubarak hun, maloomat k liye 0323-xxxxxxx is number par call Karen”.

One of the people called this number and asked for more help, the recorded version of the operator asked him to contact the Easypaisa or Mobi-cash store from 8:00 to 20:00 to claim your amount.

The FIA ​​Cyber ​​Crime has recorded about 449 cases of financial fraud. The use of silicone thumbs has become a problem for PTAs. PTA is constantly working on checking and blocking counterfeit SIM cards. Over the past three years, 79,559 fake thumbs have been discovered. Whereas almost 6,106 silicone thumbs were found in 2022 and 15,211 fake SIM cards and 15 biometric devices were found by FIA and PTA teams in 2022.

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