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Products We (Probably) Won’t See When iPhone 13 Launches

Today is a big day – Apple is hosting California Streaming and we look forward to seeing a number of new technologies announced.

The highly anticipated Apple Event will feature the iPhone 13 and Apple Watch 7, as well as AirPods 3 and possibly the low-cost iPad 9.

It’s safe to say, however, that not everyone will be in the spotlight with the latest iPhone release. Here’s a list of other hotly anticipated but currently unconfirmed Apple devices that we don’t expect to see at the event.

MacBook Pro updates and M1X chips

Of all the products Apple is set to unveil this year, the MacBook Pro updates are the most anticipated. Although we got a MacBook Pro in 2020 running on Apple’s own chip, it was released without major upgrades and was a more budget option.

All rumors this year point to a more dramatic rethinking, however it looks like we’ll have to wait for events later, in September or October, to see it.

iPad Mini 6

While we may be announcing the iPad 9 alongside the iPhone 13, the iPad Mini update may have to wait a little longer. It looks like it could be the biggest update for Apple’s smallest tablet, with a larger display and a design not too different from the iPad Air 4.

Like the new MacBook Pros, this tablet may be unveiled at an event later this year.

AirPods Pro 2

If you’re hoping to see Apple unveil a new pair of ANC-toting Pro headphones alongside the iPhone 13, then you might be out of luck – it looks like these headphones won’t arrive until 2022.

Apple machine

The hype around Apple Car was strong for a while, but news that Apple’s VP of Special Project Doug Field, who was believed to be in charge of Apple Car’s operation, would be transferring to another company thwarted those plans.

Field is leaving Apple and joining Ford, one of the largest car companies, so it looks like Field’s work on Apple Car will be left behind.

It’s possible that Apple will pick up where Field left off, however, with the car’s expected release date around 2025, we’d be very surprised if we heard any news about it next week.

Apple glasses

Apple glasses

Another project that seems to have been around for a while, Apple Glasses has been on our radar since 2015, although it seems that Apple still keeps its cards close to its chest on this piece of technology.

There has been talk of Apple getting involved in VR technology, but new rumors make it seem like we won’t see any new specs until around 2022, or maybe even 2023.

Since the release date is supposed to be so late and Apple hasn’t given any indication that we should expect to see the glasses at this next event, we’re not holding our breath on this one.

Iphone 5c

Apple iPhone 13C

Following in the footsteps of past releases, the iPhone 13 is expected to not be the only phone unveiled during the Apple Event.

Both the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro are expected to arrive, but there has been little talk of a third model. The iPhone 13c has been rumored for a while, and concept renders are available on YouTube. It would be a cool release since the original iPhone 5C has a special place in the hearts of most tech fans. To catch the non-techies, it was a colorful plastic variant of the iPhone 5 with a much lower price tag that was released back in 2013 alongside the more premium iPhone 6.

Some have speculated that more than two models could be released, but again Apple has remained silent on this, and since we have seen little information about the iPhone 13c, we do not expect to see much news about it next Tuesday. which is very annoying, because at one time we loved the iPhone 5C.

Apple foldable display patent

Folding Apple

The foldable market has really grown this year, with Samsung’s own Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 debuting, and more companies are rolling out foldable technology, from smartphones to laptops.

Apple was surprisingly silent about this and did not mention that a foldable phone would be on the horizon. With foldable devices still taking up quite a bit of space in the smartphone world, it has been speculated that Apple could come out with its own version after some of the more serious issues are addressed.

Apple may be moving to foldable devices in the near future, but we’re sure we won’t see any mention of them this year.

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