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Pixel Fold may see a drop in camera performance compared to the Pixel 6 series expected to launch in 2022

The Pixel Fold, Google’s first foldable phone, is reportedly getting an earlier version of the camera compared to the Pixel 6 series. The foldable phone is said to have the same camera sensors as last year’s Pixel 5. Google’s first foldable phone is expected to be released in early 2022 and will have the same 12.2MP IMX363 sensor that has been used since the Pixel 3. It is expected that the IMX363 will act as the main sensor. The Pixel Fold is reportedly codenamed “Pipit”.

The 9to5Google APK Insight team has discovered this information is in the files associated with the latest version of the Google Camera app. Disassembly suggests the Pixel Fold might not use the 50MP GN1 sensor found in the Pixel 6 series, but instead opt for the 12.2MP IMX363 sensor built into the Pixel 5. It has been in Pixel phones since 2018. The Pixel foldable phone was reportedly called the Passport, but now its codename is “Pipit”.

The report added that the Pixel Fold will additionally feature a 12MP IMC386 sensor for ultra-wide-angle photography. Alternatively, the foldable phone can come with two 8MP IMX355 sensors for selfies and video calling. One sensor is said to sit on top of the external display and the other will be used when the phone is deployed to reveal a larger area of ​​the screen.

The Pixel Fold is reportedly similar in design to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold lineup, with an opening and closing hinge in the middle. Overall, the Pixel Fold is said to show a drop in camera quality over the Pixel 6 series.

Google hasn’t made any official announcements regarding its first foldable phone. Pixel Fold [was reported]( to launch with Pixel 6 TV series in October, but that didn’t happen.

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