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Pixel 8 camera update leaked

It looks like the Pixel 8 will be getting a major camera upgrade, according to information leaked by Google itself.

Developer Cuba Wojciechowski I dug into the Google Camera Go app code and found some interesting references to 2023 Pixel phones.

The code suggests that the camera system of these upcoming phones – essentially the Pixel 8 line – will support staggered HDR.

This staggered HDR is a technique where the camera takes several different exposures at the same time – one short, one medium and one long exposure – using the same pixels. This is a much faster method than standard HDR, which means less ghosting.

However, staggered HDR is not a method that the Pixel 7 supports. Reading between the lines, for the Pixel 8 to support this feature, you’ll need to upgrade the Pixel 7’s Samsung Isocell GN1 image sensor to something like the Samsung Isocell GN2 sensor that supports staggered HDR. HDR

Last month, we saw the first Pixel 8 specs leak online, along with news of two new devices currently being tested at Google. Both devices are said to be powered by a brand new processor, which will most likely be the Google Tensor G3.

In addition to the original tweet, the developer notes that the code for the Google Camera Go app also mentions a “Pixel Tangor Pro”. This seems to be confirmation that there will indeed be a Pro version of Google’s upcoming Pixel Tablet.

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