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Pixel 6, Realme MagDart and Fleets and other stories

So it was unexpected – Google just unveiled the Pixel 6, so we’re covering it up and chatting about Realme MagDart charging technology and the imminent demise of Twitter fleets.

Google unveiled the design of the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, along with a few key details and information on a new custom SoC, Tensor. We’re still waiting for full specs and stuff like pricing, but at least now we can start figuring out the Google Pixel’s plans.

Less surprising was that Realme introduced MagDart charging technology alongside the Realme Flash concept phone. Largely inspired by Apple’s MagSafe, it at least goes further with a complete ecosystem ready to go and faster charging speeds than Apple has so far.

Finally, Fleets finally got bitten by the dust this week – just in time for TikTok to begin beta testing its own Stories feature. Why are all social networks struggling to merge into one and what makes some formats like Stories work on one platform and worse on others?

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