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Pixel 5a is tipped for the August release date


U Pixel 5a, Google’s next mid-range phone, isn’t too far from releasing, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman.

The well-connected journalist mentioned the Pixel 5a in a newsletter focusing more on Apple’s latest moves, so there’s not a lot of information. However, he was quite explicit about the times, saying the phone will be “announced and released in August.”

It’s not very surprising. While most manufacturers didn’t even acknowledge the existence of entirely predictable phones until the release, Google has been a bit more transparent, revealing already a 2021 release date.

When the Pixel 5a was declared the victim of a possible cancellation due to the ongoing chip shortage, a Google spokesman said CNBC in clearer terms that “Pixel 5a 5G is not canceled.

“It will be available later this year in the United States and Japan and announced online with when the phone from last year’s series was introduced.”


This seems pretty clear, given the Pixel 4a was released last August, although he is a little confused by the fact that the Pixel 4a 5G they arrived just after, eventually arriving in October next to the Pixel 5.

While the Pixel line historically offers a reduced experience at a lower price, the phones offer budget customers two very strong reasons to buy. First, the sensor and camera transformation tend to be the same as the main Pixel flagships, which are widely considered to offer some of the best features. best photography for smartphone around. Then, like phones made by Android creators, the Pixel phone line tends to get faster OS updates than devices made by the company’s rivals.

Those who are passionate about a Pixel 2021 phone may want to stick around a bit more though. The noise is that Google Pixel 6 not only will the sport look intriguingly new, but it will be the first phone to come with it Its Google SoC, codenamed Whitechapel.

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