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OnePlus will introduce the first foldable phone in 2023

On February 8, OnePlus hosted a major launch event and showcased several products, including the world premiere of its 11th flagship.

During the launch, the company showed off its first OnePlus Pad tablet. What’s more, he also announced the introduction of foldable phones in the 3rd quarter of this year.

OnePlus is a Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer. They create premium, user-centric technologies that challenge market conventions. OnePlus always tries to satisfy its customers by providing a quality product at competitive prices. So far, OnePlus has released several phones with all updated versions.

OnePlus models have unlocked smartphones with quad-core Snapdragon processors. Undoubtedly, flagship smartphones are the highlight of the program at a major conference. During the Cloud 11 event, the company revealed that it is working on a new foldable smartphone that will be launched soon.

Previously, few Chinese smartphone manufacturers have also introduced foldable devices, but this smartphone is the result of the efforts of major OEMs such as Huwaei, Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo, and others.

Interestingly, OnePlus plans to release its own version this year. According to the news, the most common foldable phone names are OnePlus V fold and OnePlus V flip. However, the titles are already registered by the China Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA).

However, the render provided by Ghiz China is only speculative and should not be taken as the final design. The following image simply shows the foldable OnePlus 11 in the new shade of purple.

According to sources, it is possible that V Fold and V Flip will resemble Find N2 and Find N2 flip. This is due to the close collaboration between OnePlus and Oppo.

This shows that the global foldable device market will become even more exciting and exciting. as Honor and Oppo are also planning to introduce their first global devices this year.

Moreover, an industry whistleblower reported on a trademark application and said that these smartphones are being tested in various regions, including Europe. It shows that OnePlus plans to emulate the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold and Z flip foldable and flip devices, respectively.

If the foldable OnePlus succeeds in the market, then Samsung will surely have to challenge. In addition, forcing all companies to more aggressively improve their products at competitive prices. The goal is to make it easier for end users.

Now we have to wait for the OnePlus V Fold and V Flip to arrive. An amazing product is launched by OnePlus.

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