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OnePlus is conducting a user survey to get feedback to improve the OxygenOS experience

OnePlus has conducted a new community survey to get feedback on the current experience of OxygenOS users. The Chinese smartphone brand previously announced that it would be pairing OxygenOS with ColorOS. However, after the move was criticized by the OnePlus community, the plan was canceled in February of this year. Since then, OnePlus has focused on improving the core capabilities of OxygenOS. The survey was launched on Saturday, May 28 for OnePlus users as well as users of other smartphone brands. This poll has already been closed.

OnePlus guarantees interview participants that their information will be kept confidential. He adds that the data collected will only be used to “research product iterations.” The survey included questions that asked users to describe the best and worst experiences they experienced while using OxygenOS. Users were also asked to mention features from other smartphone interfaces that they would like to use in OxygenOS.

The Chinese tech giant is currently releasing stable versions of OxygenOS 12 for its smartphones such as the OnePlus Nord 2 and OnePlus 10 Pro. OnePlus also announced that the development of OxygenOS 13 is also ongoing. He hosted the Open Ears forum where he discussed the next generation of OxygenOS with regular customers. Then the company disclosed that he has set some targets for OxygenOS 13 based on the feedback received from this forum. It aims to improve user interface personalization and system consistency. Always On Display (AOD) may also get additional features such as a music player.

The next generation OxygenOS 13 is expected to be based on Android 13, which is currently in early beta testing. Google recently released the Android 13 Beta 2.1 patch for Pixel users.

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