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OnePlus admits to strangling the first Android apps and there may be issues ahead


OnePlus has admitted to limiting the performance of more than 300 high-profile Android apps, to optimize the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro battery life.

One exposes from AnAndTech yesterday found the real-life performance of the OnePlus 9 series did not match the benchmarks.

That’s why OnePlus has compiled a list of the top apps – such as Chrome, Twitter, Instagram, Office, Zoom, YouTube, TikTok, Discord and Strava – that are set to reach their maximum capabilities.

The report speculated that OnePlus wasn’t necessarily doing this to fool benchmarking tests, which can be a reliable indicator of a phone’s overall performance and power metric that users are paying close attention to.

Rather, the site believed, OnePlus was doing this to get a little more battery life out of the phones. The company has now admitted that is the case in a statement. He says he worked to “meet the processor requirements of the application with the most appropriate power.”

Overall, it’s a terrible aspect for the company that has built its reputation on the “flagship” phones that offer the best Snapdragon processors for a little less than the top dollar.


The full statement reads as follows:

“Our top priority is always to provide a great user experience with our products, based in part on acting quickly on important user feedback. After the launch of OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro in March, some users we talked about some areas where we can improve battery life and heat management of devices.As a result of this feedback, our R&D team has been working in recent months to optimize the performance of devices when using 300 of the most popular applications, including Chrome, adapting the application processor requirements to the most suitable power.This helped to provide a smooth experience while reducing power consumption.While this can influence the performance of devices in some benchmarking apps, our focus as always is to do what we can to improve device performance for our users. ”

As a result Geekbench, the creators of the most popular benchmarking software out there, says it has eliminated the OnePlus 9 Pro series, along with other phones that could follow if investigations confirm that this is a common practice.

In a tweet, Geekbench wrote: “It’s disappointing to see OnePlus phones making performance decisions based on app identifiers rather than app behavior. We see this as a form of benchmark manipulation. We’ve eliminated OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro from our Android benchmark card. ”

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