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OnePlus Ace Pro – another major Chinese smartphone launch delayed

OnePlus abruptly delayed the launch of the OnePlus Ace Pro – essentially the OnePlus 10T for the Chinese market – today in China, the second such cryptic cancellation in a few days.

Yesterday it was Motorola (more specifically the owner of Lenovo) who canceled the launch event at the last minute. The foldable Razr 2022 and flagship X30 Pro were expected to be unveiled, but the event was canceled without any further explanation.

Now it’s OnePlus’ turn to break out at the last second. On the official website of the company Weibo pagethe company released the following (machine translated) post: “I’m sorry, the OnePlus Ace Pro new product launch and recent related activities have been postponed for some reason, and the follow-up plan will be announced separately.”

While we should reiterate the inherent imperfections of translation software, it’s interesting that the vaguely translated language used here – “canceled for some reason” – is identical to that used in Motorola’s post yesterday.

So far, there has been no further explanation for the cancellation of both, but it’s worth noting that they coincide with an upsurge in political tensions between the US and China over US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s controversial visit to Taiwan.

The phone that OnePlus was supposed to announce, the OnePlus Ace Pro, was supposed to go international as the OnePlus 10T. It remains to be seen if the global presentation of this phone will take place in New York today at 15:00.

We’ll let you know when we know more about the OnePlus 10T launch later today.

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