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OnePlus 11 model with the arrival of “unprecedented materials”

OnePlus has announced that it is working on a new OnePlus 11 model made with “unprecedented materials”.

OnePlus China President Li Jie addressed weibo announce that the company is about to release a “special product” (all quotes translated using machine translation) that “challenges the industry’s ‘impossible'”.

Most interestingly, this OnePlus 11 variant is “built with unparalleled materials and craftsmanship” that will make each device unique.

Accompanying this cryptic description, Li Jie posted an image of a transparent OnePlus 11 over a shot of the planet Jupiter with the phrase “Every person is unique. Is it possible that each phone can also look unique?”

serial tipster Digital chat station also believes that the material used in the construction of this mysterious OnePlus 11 model is an industry first. It can be seen that the material is cool to the touch.

Can we see the first use of marble in a smartphone? Either way, this is clearly a China-focused bonus model, so we won’t hold our breath ahead of a global rollout.

The company unveiled an interesting OnePlus 11 concept (pictured) at MWC that added a distinctive finish, but it sounds like something more stylish.

We are big fans of the OnePlus 11, giving the phone 4.5 stars in our review. The phone “looks great, boasts a great display, strong performance, all-day battery life and, most importantly, an impressive camera without any pitfalls.”

It’s also a very good price for what you get. At £729, it’s cheaper than the iPhone 14, Pixel 7 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S23 by some margin.

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