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New 15,000 km submarine cable laid between Pakistan and France

More recently, Pakistan and East Africa Connecting Europe (PEACE), Cable International Network Co. Ltd announced the completion of the installation of the submarine cable infrastructure between Pakistan and France.

The submarine cable is extremely large and connects Pakistan to many important countries, it originates from Pakistan and its main trunk sections are in Singapore, Kenya, Egypt and France. Further cable spurs also extend to three other countries, including the Maldives, Malta and Cyprus.

The 15,000 km cable is designed to provide a connection between Karachi and Marseille, both densely populated and commercially important metropolitan areas. The main highway between Pakistan and Egypt is about 5800 km long and connects Karachi with Zafarana, another important city. This improved connection between the commercial hub of Pakistan and the important cities of the world is certainly a sign of Pakistan’s development.

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA), speaking of the new submarine cable, said the new cable “adds ultra-fast, high capacity, low latency and redundant connectivity to Pakistan’s international communications.”

The organization behind these new and improved marine cables is PEACE Cables. Signed in 2018, the PEACE cable is a consortium between different countries that plans to lay submarine cables between Pakistan and around the world. The 15,000 km cable uses the latest 200G transmission technology and WSS ROAMD BU technology, which makes it possible to transmit more than 16 Tbps over fiber.

In addition to improving internet speed and latency in Pakistan, PEACE cable has also reduced costs and will contribute to the economic prosperity of not only Pakistan but the entire region.

The PEACE telegram delegation discussed progress with OTA Chairman Major General (retired) Amir Azim Bajwa at OTA headquarters. The delegation included senior management positions, including Chief Operating Officer (COO) Sun Xiaohua, Director Zhang Donghai, Commercial Director Chirs Zhang and Peace Cable Pakistan Manager Shoaib Ashfaq Qureshi.

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