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NADRA introduces Pak-ID mobile app

The National Database Registration Authority (NADRA) has launched another newest app, the Pak-ID mobile app, to make life easier for its citizens.

The application will make it easier for citizens to apply for a national identity card.
Citizens are now accessing the process of applying for ID cards and documents and documents while sitting at home.

NADRA has taken another initiative to make things easier for its clients by providing the latest mobile application that allows people to access and apply from any part of the country.

Tariq Malik, chairman of Nadra, asked the general public to see how the app works. The NADRA mobile app made Pakistan the first country in the world to implement “identification technology”.


In addition, the next generation Pak-ID mobile app is in beta.
Once citizens complete the entire application process through this app while sitting at home, they can have their identity documents delivered to their doorstep.

Thanks to this initiative, Pakistani citizens can now get their ID cards without having to face long lines or dangerous situations.

According to Tarik Malik, “the mobile application includes a document identification system and a biometric verification tool. Citizens can download the necessary documents through the mobile application.”

In addition, he also revealed that “photos, fingerprints and digital signatures can also be added to the online application. Therefore, this initiative will play an important role in achieving the goals of Digital Pakistan.

Indeed, the initiative to implement this mobile application will bring great convenience, especially for overseas Pakistanis.

“Pakistan is pioneering the identity management industry by introducing a mobile application that collects biometric fingerprints, recognizes faces and scans the documents needed to process citizens’ IDs and documents.”

At the meeting, Tariq Malik also said that “the digital dividends from such technological innovations will bring positive results in expanding financial inclusion.” However, ease of doing business and an e-governance initiative by offering remote identification and e-KYC.”

In addition, this initiative is expected to open new perspectives for enterprises by offering them to rapidly adapting users and providing modern passwordless authentication.

Citizens can take advantage of this opportunity by downloading it from the Google Play Store for Android users. At the same time, Apple users can access it through the Apple Store (iOS).

Alas, Pak-Identity is NADRA’s online ID service that provides a one-stop solution for applying for an ID.
Pakistani citizens can take advantage of this application by applying for the following identity documents:

CNIC modification
Reprint/loss of CNIC
CNIC update
NIKOP modification
NIKOP update
Lost/reprinted by NICOP

In addition, it also facilitates various functions such as:

Getting fingerprints through a mobile camera
Custom mailbox with a list of all applications
Login with biometrics
The digital signature is captured through the phone’s touchscreen
Verified verification via OTP
Procedure for uploading documents via mobile camera or by uploading
Taking ICAO-Based Photos with a Mobile Phone Camera

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