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Motorola could prepare its fastest phone out of the Moto G200

Motorola may be working on a new top-of-the-line phone in the form of the Moto G200.

Motorola has been a maker of entry-level and mid-range smartphones for some time now, and the continued success of the Moto G line contrasts with its lack of top-end market share compared to the Motorola Edge + in early 2020.

Lenovo-owned brand could plunge into high-performance water again if report from German website TecknikNews should be believed.

Apparently, Motorola will launch the Moto G200 in November. In China, it will be called the Motorola Edge S30.

The latter name seems more understandable to us, given that the name Moto G traditionally refers to the company’s entry-level phones. However, given that the phone will be based on the more affordable Moto G100 (pictured), the name Moto G200 is perhaps understandable.

It looks like the Moto G200 will push the G-series mantra to the limit given the specs that are being discussed around. It will obviously be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888 processor, which continues to be the flagship chip, albeit only for a couple more months.

Motorola will also bring the 144Hz display refresh rate from its recent Motorola Edge 20 family. By the way, the Motorola Edge 20 Pro is so close to the flagship phone that Motorola received in 2021 to date, even though this phone was priced significantly further south than the larger ones. manufacturers from Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi and others. He didn’t have that Snapdragon 888 either.

The presence of FHD + resolution suggests that we are still not talking about a true professional-grade smartphone here, and there is no mention of whether it will be OLED. We also don’t know how many territories the phone will be launched in.

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