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Moto Razr 2022 will overtake Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 in price

Motorola is apparently intent on lowering the price of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 by officially confirming the price of the 2022 Moto Razr.

Today, Samsung is releasing the Galaxy Flip 4, a compact foldable phone that is likely to become the most popular foldable phone. The only possible contender in sight, at least in the short term, is the Razr 2022, which will now be announced a day after Samsung’s event.

Motorola has just announced the official pricing for the 2022 Moto Razr in its home territory of China, and it’s certainly aggressive. Finished WeiboMotorola CEO Chen Jin has confirmed that the price of the phone will start at 5,999 yuan, which is likely to be for the base 8/128GB model.

Less important than the pointless direct conversion (that works out to £734/$888 if you’re interested) is the comparison to Samsung’s rival Galaxy Flip line. Last year’s Galaxy Z Flip 3 started at 7,599 yuan and a replacement will likely cost around the same.

This could mean the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 will be more than 25% more expensive than the Moto Razr 2022. If the latter can even come close to its rival in terms of features and feel, we could have an attractive compact foldable alternative. Arms.

We already know that the Razr 2022 will feature a Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 chip and a 3,500mAh battery, and it also appears to feature an even faster 144Hz main display.

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