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Mobilink Microfinance Bank launches Digital Application DOST- to facilitate bank on the go


Pakistan’s largest digital bank, Mobilink Microfinance Bank Limited (MMBL) has launched ‘Dost’, a mobile based application that provides a complete digital banking ecosystem to its customers and gives them seamless access to financial services 24 hours a day. .The latest addition to the MMBL ecosystem reflects the bank’s relentless search for innovation to foster digital banking and financial inclusion in the country.

The digital application was launched in Islamabad by MMBL president and CEO, Mr Ghazanfar Azzam along with senior executives, while dignitaries from the banking and financial sectors, MMBL staff and customers, and media were also present.

Designed for ease of use and agility, the Dost app will help customers experience a range of digital banking features and perform all sorts of transactions through their accounts such as funds transfer, invoice payments, mobile top-ups, receipts loan summaries, buy a movie, bus and, airline tickets, view, and download e-statements, block and manage checks and debit cards and much more with just a few taps on their smartphones. In addition, users will stay connected with the MMBL customer support team via instant WhatsApp Chat directly from the Dost homepage in case they need additional support.

In his keynote address, MMBL president and CEO, Mr. Ghazanfar Azzam said:

“This latest innovation is driven by MMBL’s long-term commitment to providing unparalleled access to world-class banking and financial facilities to empower and empower our customers. Similar to a trusted friend, ‘Dost’ will always remain close and readily available to users in times of urgent need and will further strengthen our connection with our valued customers.I believe that this new addition to our digital ecosystem will also be instrumental in fostering financial inclusion in the country which is a key strategic priorities for us. Congratulations to the MMBL team for this remarkable success. “

Speaking at the launch ceremony, Chief Finance & Digital Officer MMBL, Sardar Mohammad Abubakr said:


“MMBL is proud to launch Dost, a complete digital ecosystem designed to optimize and simplify digital banking for our valued customers. As the largest digital bank in the country, MMBL is always looking to present innovative solutions to promote digital banking and digitize the journeys of end-to-end customers. The digital application will provide a seamless delivery of services to our customers as well as extend digital services to areas not served without physical and financial banking infrastructure ”.

Bill payment, mobile recharging and loan application facilities are features specifically designed for the ease and quick financial facilitation of the users. Dost offers its customers more than 1000 invoices through which they can make payments to utility companies, telecommunications services, government agencies like FBR, Securities, and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP), Government of Pakistan, airlines, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), education institutes, and many others. Similarly, the ease of blocking lost signed checks and debit cards directly from the bed will save users a lot of inconvenience.

Dost is a fully secure digital solution and also provides users access to fingerprint and facial recognition on forward support devices. MMBL offers some exciting offers like cash back on first transactions through the Dost app to both MMBL customers and independent users.

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