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Looking for the best travel phone? Realme GT Master Edition is on

Snow is everywhere, and aren’t we all longing to hit the road or board a plane to our beloved winter wonderland? Well, since we’re impatient to travel, we also need to arm ourselves with the best travel companion – a smartphone that captures rave imagery and grabs attention wherever it goes.

If looks can kill, they say, here is a smartphone that really amazes with its minimalist aesthetics and rugged looks. And aren’t we fed up with all the shiny gradient patterns and back covers that dot the market?

Realme GT Master Edition is an eye magnet. It immediately conquered the market as the most affordable premium 5G smartphone. Surprisingly, this phone intrigued all people even before it got to Pakistan. However, this is also no surprise because this feature-rich phone combines innovative technology with creative design to create a marvel of technological excellence and the scale of human creativity.

The first thing that catches your eye is a unique design based on a deep philosophy and Realme’s commitment to raising the bar higher in technical innovation and creative design. The Realme GT Master Edition is designed by award-winning industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa, who has inspired him to create a travel suitcase that brings back travel memories. At the same time, the design of the suitcase attracts users to travel and exploration, and positions the phone as an ideal travel companion, thus meeting the need for a powerful camera, game console and phone.

The phone is super sleek and lightweight with a thickness of only 8.0mm. Realme uses the latest styling process and compact components to further reduce the thickness and weight of the entire device, however, the horizontal gradient design makes the device extremely durable.

This vegan leather back is extremely skin-friendly and gives users a soft and velvety feel with prolonged use. Realme creates sustainable vegan leather with the industry’s first 3D injection molding and hot pressing process.

Low saturation grays give it a comfortable and calm look without unnecessary complexity. The phone is also available in an attractive shiny metal case in Daybreak Blue. It is designed to emit holographic colors from different angles.

The inspiring creativity embodied in this design is noticed and recognized by users and critics alike. While the phone is rapidly taking over its segment globally, the creative genius of Naoto Fukasawa has won the prestigious iF Design Award 2021 for the Realme GT Master Edition for its futuristic yet minimalist look.

The Realme GT Master Edition has really raised the bar for creative design, a segment that hasn’t received much attention so far. Thus, Realme paved the way for endless possibilities.

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