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U Samsung Galaxy S21 is one of the best android phones you can buy it now. But that doesn’t stop us from looking to the future and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S22.

The Galaxy series has long been the king of Android phones and while it hasn’t always been better phone around, he was certainly one of the biggest sellers.

With the S21 series that has been on the shelves for a few months now, our eyes are now turned to what Samsung might have in store for us later.

With no Note planned device this year, and the S21 FE If it is said to be delayed, let’s see what we know about the Galaxy S22

Samsung typically announces and releases its flagship S series during the first months of the year. In past years it has been in February or March, however in 2021 it has been moved to January.

We know little about Samsung’s plans for the Galaxy S22 release so far, but it wouldn’t surprise us to see a calendar similar to the one used for the Galaxy S21.

When we hear more rumors and learn of further losses indicating the likely release date of the Galaxy S22, we will update this page.

As with the release date, we are completely in the dark about pricing for the S22 series. If Samsung stays close to the price of the S21, then expect it to start at £ 769 / $ 799 then increase to $ 999 / £ 949 for the larger Plus model and end at $ 1149 / $ 1199 for the true Ultra model. tip.

Of course the S21 remains an excellent device, and you can see some of the best prices for that below.

Probably the biggest hints on what Samsung has in store for the Galaxy S22 revolve around the camera.

A leaker has suggested that the Galaxy S22 and S22 Plus will be shipped with a 50MP main sensor, backed with a 12MP ultrawide and a 3MP 3MP telephoto lens. This is very different from the configuration used by the S21, which has less megapixels on the main camera (12MP) but much more on the telephoto (64MP).

This leak also suggests that the main camera will be a completely new sensor, so we may be at a massive pace in terms of imaging quality. Remember, more megapixels doesn’t mean better photos, so hopefully there’s enough background to make the most of the pixels.

Of course, it is worth taking this getaway with a strong portion of salt. Heck, he also says a lot in the tweet …

We have too heard that the Galaxy S22 does not come with a ToF (flight time) sensor – a Samsung sensor used in some models of the S20 series, but not in the S21.

Samsung Galaxy S21 and S21 Ultra

Considering that Samsung has dropped this sensor for the Galaxy S21, it’s no surprise that it may not return for the S22 and we can’t really say that we missed it. This could always change if more features are added.

While we’re still at the beginning of the Galaxy S22’s rumored life cycle, it seems like the camera is a focus. The S21’s camera is nice, however, it hasn’t been a huge leap compared to the S20 and it ranks well under the best iPhones.

What type of design and display specifications are found on the Galaxy S22 will really depend on how Samsung plans to display this phone.

With the Galaxy S21, materials have been moved from metal to plastic and the curvature of the screen has been abandoned. This gave much more mid-range see and hear, rather than the high-end Galaxy S21 Ultra.

If Samsung goes in a similar direction with the Galaxy S22, expect the plastic body and flat screen to remain.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra vs Samsung Galaxy S21.  Shot in front of the screens.
Galaxy S21 (left) vs S21 Ultra (right)

At least the S21 and S21 Plus both had quality displays, even if the resolution was applied to 1080p. Both had 120Hz panels and used excellent AMOLED panels from Samsung. We would love to see the resolution be increased up to 1440p, even just for the Plus model.

A leaker has suggested that the S22 would, in fact, have a 6.06-inch display smaller than the 6.2-inch version of the S21. The same losses also suggest that only the high-end Ultra model would have the LTPO technology needed for an adaptive cooling screen. This could possibly be a downgrade for the S22 series.

LTPO displays, and adaptive cooling technology, allow the screen to lower that 120Hz cooling frequency when the benefit isn’t very obvious. The lack of this could mean that we have a potentially bad battery life.

We expect Samsung to launch the Galaxy S22 series with the first processor available every time it is released. This is probably the successor to the Snapdragon 888 in the US and all that Samsung has in line for the Exynos line elsewhere.

There was also a noise that Samsung will produce the Snapdragon 895 itself (or as it is called) for Qualcomm.

The rumors so far are quite slim for the next generation Samsung Galaxy device and very little is really distinguished. Of course, there’s plenty of time to go until a probable release, so expect that to change. We will update this page with as much new information as we can.

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